We only take on clients that we are confident we can help, and who are ready and able to handle the growth our system produces. The only way to know that is to learn more about you, your market, and your goals.

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    Book a Strategy Call

    Our process starts with a quick Strategy Call where we get a better understanding of your business and discuss strategies, specific to your business, on how you can increase your online patient inquiry generation rates

    In addition to specific tactics to apply to your business goals, we also cover our PAGE process that you can put into place right after our call together – and start to see results immediately.

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    Intake Questionnaire

    Once the call is over, if we agree to work together then we send you a brief intake questionnaire, which we then use to lay out and agree upon a Digital Patient Generation plan that works for your goals.

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    We Work Together

    We create and implement our system for you, begin generating more patients for you, and you can focus on growing your practice.

To get started with your Strategy call, simply click on the button below.