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If you’re a self starter, or you want to make sure your marketing staff has access to the most up to date social media marketing information, or if you’re just interested in learning for yourself – then our Social Marketing Classes are for you.

We cover a range of topics – all the way from the fundamentals of social media, to advanced advertising, targeting, and metrics.

The best part is – all of our fundamentals classes are completely free and open to the public so you can get a solid foundation before deciding if you’d like to proceed further.

Check out our fundamentals offerings below, and click on the “Get Started” button for any one of them to access our schedule and register for the class.

ACE 101 – The Facebook Audience Creation Engine

Learn how to move away from the traditional audience acquisition model, and towards our Audience Creation Model.

This complimentary 60 minute live class is focused on leveraging the power of Facebook Advertising to target and create a loyal audience that know and trust you as THE authority in your field, and as the ONLY solution to their problem. We teach you to achieve all this in a manner that is measurable, scalable, and automated.

What you’ll learn

This course is all about creating engaging and targeted content, and using Facebook’s ad platform to leverage your content to create and capture a loyal audience for your products and / or services.


  • How to create incredible content that capture’s your reader’s attention , in 30 minutes or less (even if you’ve never written more than a paragraph in your life)!
  • How to correctly (and inexpensively) use Facebook’s ad platform to place spefic content in front of specific audience groups that will engage with and share your message
  • How to capture every single reader (or viewer) into an audience database automatically – so you can continue to engage with and market your services to them
  • How to consistently decrease your ad spend while simultaneously increasing your engagement and capture rate
  • How to ensure a positive return on your ad spend – and never have a single wasted ad dollar again

…and so much more.

By the time our class is done, you’ll have everything you need to build your first Audience Creation Engine and have digital advertising finally working effectively for your business.

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