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Business Manager for Facebook offers you a much easier way to manage your Facebook pages, accounts, apps and managers.

By creating a centralized place for all payment funding sources, relationship and permissions management and the ability to organize your pages and accounts into projects along with access levels to users.

Step by Step Guide:

What you’ll need before you start:

  • A personal Facebook account to confirm your identity
  • An ad account you want to move to Business Manager
  • (Optional) A Facebook Page you want to move to Business Manager. If you don’t have one, you’ll be able to create a Page during setup
  • (Optional) The names and work email addresses of the people you’d like to add to your business

How To Set Up your Business Manager

  • Go to business.facebook.com.
  • click Create Account.
  • It may ask you to login to continue if so have the main admin you have selected login.
  • Create your Business. If you do not have a Facebook business page yet. You can put your business to be’s name here and then create the actual businesses Facebook page within Business Manager later.Business Manager Setup 1
  • Enter you profile information
    Business Manager Setup 2
  • Click Finish, you will see a message to welcome you to Business Manager.Business Manager Setup 3


Add New People (including yourself)

  • Go to Business Manager
  • Click on Add New (top right)
  • Click on People
  • Add email(s) of people you want to addBusiness Manager Setup 4
  • Choose add as Admin or Employee
  • If you’ve already added Pages, Accounts or Product Catalogs you can assign them over the next few steps or skip and add or adjust permissions laterBusiness Manager Setup 5Business Manager Setup 8

Now you have 3 options from here. You can create a new page, ad account, catalog or payment method. Claim an asset owned by you or your company. Request access owned by someone else or another company.

Creating a New Page, Ad Account, Product Catalog or Payment Method

Create New Page

Used to create a brand new Facebook page

  • Go to Business Manager
  • Click on Add New (top right)
  • Click Page , Ad Accounts, Product Catalog or Payment Method
  • Follow the Business Manager Prompts

Business Manager Add new Page 1

Claim Asset

Used when you already have assets you own within Facebook

  • Go to Business Manager
  • Click Add New (top right)
  • Click PageBusiness Manager Claim a Page
  • Or Click Ad AccountBusiness Manager Claim Ad Account
  • Or Click AppBusiness Manager Claim an App
  • Follow the Business Manager Prompts

Request Access

Used if you are managing or advertising on another businesses behalf

  • Go to Business Manager
  • Click Add New (top right)
  • Click PageBusiness Manager Request a Page
  • Or Click Ad AccountBusiness Manager Request Access ad Account
  • Or Product CatalogBusiness Manager Request Access Product Catalog
  • Follow the Business Manager Prompts

Once you’ve added, claimed, requested or created all your Facebook assets you are ready to move on to phase two.

How to use Business Manager and the tools like Ad Manager, Power Editor, pixels, and publishing to manage your Facebook presence and grow your business.

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