Exclusively For Dental & Chiropractic Professionals Who Want More Patients to Growth Their Practice

If you are an established Dental or Chiropractic professional who's ready and able to handle more patient inquiries - then you're in the right place. Predictable, measurable, and scalable patient generation for Dentists and Chiropractors is all we do.

If you're here then you may already be aware of this, but in case you're not - the fact is 90% of your prospective patients begin their research online. That means that if you want to increase your patient base, then you need to show up where they're looking. That's where we come in.

We take your practice, put it in front on only the most qualified prospects that you define, capture their contact information, and follow-up with them to ensure that they do business with you. There is no guess work or wasted ad spend - your practice's information and offers never show to anyone that don't fit your exact target market that are suited towards each of your offerings.

How do we do all this? We effectively and correctly leverage digital marketing channels via our proprietary Patient Acquisition & Generation Engine (PAGE). The PAGE system is fully systematized process that is measurable, scalable, and automated. That means once set up and optimized for you, the positioning, lead acquisition, and customer generation is done for you - at a pace that you define and control.

If you're ready to use a proven and guaranteed system to grow your practice predictably and profitably, and you can handle the increase in patients, then you can either set up a complimentary strategy call with us or learn more about what we offer & how we work below.

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Our Services

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engines are where the majority of your business will come from. We target your exact market at the time when they need your services. We then capture only the most qualified leads and help turn them into real business – all in a way that is guaranteed to be profitable.

Social Media Advertising

Social Advertising that is focused solely on generating more patient inquires and closed appointments for you. These are real & measurable patient increases – not “likes” and “followers” that never lead to anything.

Training & Consulting

We work with your marketing team, and teach them how to implement our PAGE system, as well as consult on ongoing business growth strategies

Our Methodology


First we precisely target only those clients and customers that are proven to be most interested in your services. That means no more tire kickers or unqualified advertising.


We capture qualified leads via email and phone, and turn these into inbound patient inquiries for you.


We create automated follow-ups that are designed to take non action takers and move them towards becoming a permanent patient. This maximizes your inquiry and closing rates.


We contnualy tweak our systems to increase the number of qualified inquiries and closed appointments, while constantly driving your advertisement and acquisition costs down.

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