The single biggest digital marketing mistake

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen the lists of 5, 12, and 58 mistakes that organizations make with their digital marketing strategies. Truthfully though? There is one rudimentary mistake that we see over and over again in digital campaigns that don’t quite hit their mark, and it is simply this:

People treat digital advertising like more traditional forms of advertising – as a one-to-many relationship. But it’s not. Digital advertising is fundamentally a one-to-one relationship. Once you understand this, you can build digital marketing strategies that consistently achieve your marketing goals.

Come again?

What underlies a successful online marketing strategy is an understanding of how the internet is different from traditional advertising media.

We’re conditioned to think of advertising as a one-to-many interaction. We record an ad for radio. That ad plays on air and reaches a million people. Best case scenario – a (likely smallish) percentage of those people hear the ad at the right time and in the right frame of mind, and they buy your product or service.

But in truth, digital advertising done right is much more like a one-to-one relationship. Or, at least, it has the potential to be if you know how to target your message properly.

Let’s look at a real world example. Say you own a car dealership and you have a 25 year old male come into your dealership. Now lets say you have a 45 year old mother walk in right after. Are you going to address both of them exactly the same way? Likely not. Why? Because they have different needs, different ways of thinking, and probably very different budgets as well.

However, chances are your digital presence or even your offline advertising is addressing everyone the exact same way. All that leads to is disengaged prospects and lost revenue. With proper digital targeting, you can talk to different audiences in ways that appeal specifically to them – and at no point does a message intended for one audience ever reach another.

Different customers have different needs

So, think about it this way. Let’s assume you want to target a specific message only to fathers over 45 who drive Hondas. In the digital realm, this is entirely possible.

But let’s say you also want to talk to 20-30 year old females who are reading about Hondas online, and to males and females aged 65+ who are simply looking for a reliable vehicle. This is possible too. In fact, it’s possible to speak to each of these groups at the same time, in ways that are specifically appealing to them.

The power of digital advertising is the precision and control that’s possible. I can have as many messages out there as I want with complete assurance that those messages will speak to my audience directly, because I control those messages and who sees them. And, as far as my audience is concerned, because my message is so precisely targeted to appeal to them, I’m ONLY speaking to them.

There is one more targeting aspect to digital marketing that we should mention here, which can greatly enhance your message’s ability to engage your audience. We talked about demographics (targeting via age, gender, location etc.) , but with most advanced digital ad platforms (such as Facebook), you can target at what’s called a psychographic level. This means you can target and engage prospects based on their interests, affiliations, passions, and even your competitors that they follow. You want to target 35 year old males that live in Denver, subscribe to Men’s health, buy fitness products, make $65,000+ a year, and attend fitness bootcamps regularly? You can do that! Substitute any of these variables (and hundreds more) to suit your business and message, and target your ideal prospects perfectly.

So, in essence, proper digital marketing taps into the power and intimacy of one-to-one relationships – but now you can have these relationships with thousands of prospects at the same time – 24/7, 365 days a year if you’d like – without the need for a futuristic cloning device!

Take a look at just some of the targeting options on Facebook’s ad platform

The engagement layer

There’s another layer of granularity to can add to all this – not only does a well thought out digital marketing strategy consider who specifically it’s speaking to, it also takes into account each individual’s level of engagement.

For example, if someone has clicked on 15 of our articles, they’ll get a sales message. But if they’ve only read one or two articles, I’m not going to hit them with a sales message yet – they don’t know me well enough. That’s the kind of complexity we can get into in a digital space that simply isn’t possible in more traditional advertising spaces.

Yes, but custom messaging for all is expensive and a lot of work – right?

Think of digital marketing as the opposite of dropping flyers out of an airplane – the digital realm allows you to be an advertising sharp shooter, tailoring your message to your specific audience and targeting it so that it reaches them at the right time and in the right place.

At best, the flyer approach costs a lot and has a low ROI – at worst, you risk alienating a media-savvy audience that is bombarded with advertising copy constantly.

While creating 20 or 30 custom messages tailored to specific demographic groups who are are at different places in the sales funnel is more work up front, the results speak for themselves. Engagement with the product and your ROI will be higher with this approach.

And, as counter intuitive as it may seem, this method is also more cost effective.

Ad Targeting Advertising Campaign Bow Arrow 3d Illustration

The third party in this equation, in between you and your potential customers, is your ad platform. Most a platforms have a stake in your content too. They want your content to succeed in engaging their audience. If your advertising is poorly targeted and haphazard, you run the risk of alienating the user – not just from your product but from the host site.

Because of this vested interest, many platforms will charge less for advertising that has a higher click through and engagement rate. A high level of engagement with your ad is a win for everyone – users are happy with content, platforms are happy that users are happy, and you’re happy because your ad is working. Facebook and Google are prime examples of platforms that reward good content.

How about you?

We love to see digital marketing done well. It feels like hitting a home run. Do you feel this way about your campaigns? Are you hitting them out of the park? If not, take a moment to assess your message and consider how targeted it is. Are you getting the most out of this medium?

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